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UNP walkout from DCC - Akkaraipattu

UNP CO Chairman of DCC Hon. Faizal Cassim MP , Deputy Minister and Parliamentarian ALM. Nazeer  threaten and out standing from Akkaraipattu DCC Meeting a short while ago.

Today Akkaraipattu Divisional Secretary call for DCC meeting with preside of CO Chairman Hon. Faizal Cassim M.P, Deputy Minister and MS. Uthumalebbe Ex.MPC. 

In Opening address of Co Chairman MS. Uthumalebbe, He says " I can't accept the sitting of Mr. AL.Thavam Ex. MPC because last time my coordinator is not accept in Ninthavur DCC, here only one can participate in this meeting that Faizal Cassim or Thavam Divisional Secretary also can't given any authority call Mr.AL.Thavam here." 

After that, Hon. Faizal Cassim continue "I bring a notice to this committee that, I have bring Mr. AL.Thavam as my coordinating Secretary not for any else. But crossed and continue by Hon. Uthumalebbe, Mayor of Akkaraipattu and the Members of Akkaraipattu Municipal Council  shouted to give the chance only a one that Hon.Faizal cassim or Hon.Thavam.

Immediately after that, all representatives of UNP was  boycott and walkout from the meeting.   

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