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Addaichenai Sampukkalappu Drainage system will complete in soon ; ALM. Nazeer M.P

Addalaichenai Sampukkalappu Drinage system will refresh by the Ministry of City Planning in soon said Hon Parliamentarian ALM. Nazeer to East Times yesterday. 

Aforesaid drainage is not properly functioning from when "Galoya Scheme" was established.  Therefore more than 4000 hectares paddy land destroyed without cultivation. Farmers came to zero level in their own economic balance. if its come in proper function more then 14000 hectares can utilize as their regular irrigation.  

SLMC leader Minister Rauf Hakeem consider these all circumstances and given a priority for the poor farmers issues, the Ministry responsible people visited the marked places today, discussed with local leaders and they will submit feasibility report to Ministry to implement a pump house in Konawatte lagoon. 

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