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Cabinet Reshuffle Before President Leaves for Commonwealth Meeting

The cabinet is to be reshuffled before President Maithripala Sirisena leaves for the UK for the Commonwealth meeting, we learns from sources close to the President.
President Mauthripala Sirisena
Reshuffling the cabinet has been talked about ever since the constituent parties of the ruling coalition suffered humiliating defeats at the local government elections. The initial ‘reshuffle’ hardly caused ripples, but this time around the exercise will be taking place in a context where the leaders of the two main parties are at odds with each other.
Several ministers voted for a motion of no-confidence against the Prime Minister, causing staunch loyalists to seek their ouster through a no confidence motion of their own. This has since been shot down by the Prime Minister.
Uncertainty remains however on the fate of the errant ministers. The President for example is reported to have said that they had made the right decision in supporting the no-confidence motion.
However, we reliably learns that Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe had once again changed his stance on these natters; a cabinet reshuffle would see the backs of these ministers.

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