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Re-Enacting Rajapaksa Tamashas: Health Ministry Busts Millions Of Public Funds To Glorify Rajitha

The Ministry of Health in the guise of a confab on health development initiatives has spent millions of rupees for a tamasha at the BMICH on Marhc 9, 2018 that was all about glorifying Minister of Health Rajitha Senaratne, Colombo Telegraph learns.
Rajah Senaratne – Minister of Health
According to a Health Ministry official present at the event and who wished to remain anonymous for obvious reasons, the ‘National Conference on Recent Health Development Initiatives’ was a large gathering of medical administrators with over 2000 invitations having been sent out.
The five and a half hour ‘conference’ included treating the audience to various videos of ‘health sector development initiatives’ featuring Senaratne, dance items and a testimonial glorifying Senaratne by someone who underwent a heart transplant.
Apparently students of paramedical training institutions and ministry employees had produced theatrical performances once again the elevate the image of the minister, the source told Colombo Telegraph.
The source added that the entire exercise was reminiscent of events organized at public expense to glorify Mahinda Rajapaksa when he was President.
The invitation cards, food and drink for participants, production costs for videos, payment for dancing performances, fuel, and the total man hours lost in forcing officials to participate and rehearsals for theater performances would add up to several million rupees, he added, pointing out that the time and money could have been better spent actually serving the people.
Colombo Telegraph’s attempts to reach Senaratne for comment did not meet with success.

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