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ASP Liyanake Disappointed over East Governor Post

The Sri Lankan ambassador in Qatar, ASP Liyanage stated that he was quite disappointed about not being elected as the Governor of the Eastern Province. 
Liyanage stated that the Ambassador post was allocated to himself by the President, until a vacancy cleared up, for the position of the Governor of the Eastern Province, at a media briefing held today (5). 
He further added that he was disappointed to be informed regarding the appointment of Rohitha Bogollagama as the new Governor of the Eastern Province. 
Liyanage went onto say that he had requested the President to remove himself from the position at the embassy in Qatar, as he is unable to continue in the given state. 
He added that President Sirisena is a great politician, and that he would become even greater if Liyanage was allowed to secure the position of a provincial governor in the future, if a vacancy opens up. 

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